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  • Unfold


    Unfold In a world, more introverted and more extroverted characters meet. After initial disharmony, their interactions bring them to open up and experience exchange. FILM BYLena Ziegler SOUND DESIGNKonrad Oertel VOICESVenetia Lim Jia Yee SUPERVISIONHenning Rogge-PottFelix Babel This projection is currently in submission for competitions. Bachelor Project: THWS Würzburg Year: 2024,Duration: 4:40 min

  • Backwards


    Backwards Backwards is a 3D animated film challenging the concept of time bringing about a new narrative and visual thought.   Director/ Animator: Lena Ziegler Supervision: Henning Rogge-Pott   This project was created in the 7th semester of the communication design course at the THWS in Würzburg. Bachelor Project: THWS Würzburg Year: 2022,Duration: 2:23 min

  • Moin Motion Poster

    Moin Motion Poster

  • Shapes & Colors

    Shapes & Colors

  • Steps


    Steps Adaptation of the discovery of infinity by M.C. Escher Leaving our own reality gives us the opportunity to dive into new ones. Leaving one’s comfort zone can be a difficult step, but it can also be a liberating, empowering one. Dealing with different realities also means accepting other perspectives, opening new doors and, above…

  • Liminal


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